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We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide individual and effective medical and aesthetic facial treatments to help to restore and enhance your natural beauty.

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A range of beauty treatments are available at the practice performed by our experienced clinicians. Your health is our priority. Our years of medical experience mean we are experienced in safely undertaking treatments and know exactly how to minimise any complications. We use only products of the highest quality and will guide you safely through every step of the procedure. Our extensive experience in anti-ageing medicine means we achieve natural, subtle improvements.

Our dedicated and experienced team of cosmetic clinicians and our support team would provide you with excellent cosmetic treatments and services. Our ability to combine the latest cosmetic dentistry with advanced facial aesthetic techniques allows us to offer you the ultimate combination of treatments to achieve the natural looking results you desire.

Ultimately our focus is on effective integration of cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics with your natural beauty.

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Ageing of our face is a complex, unremitting process which leads to functional and aesthetic changes. The process starts from infancy and continues throughout life. The time that damage takes to manifest varies significantly between individuals (with the classical signs of ageing usually becoming apparent between 20 – 40 years of age). Facial ageing is inevitable: however, there are methods that can be used to help slow down the ageing process and options to help to disguise the changes once they have occurred.


Fillers can be used to replace facial volume loss, correcting hollowing and prominent folds. They can be successful in uplifting  cheeks, nasolabial folds and mild jowls and to treat static lines that are beyond correction by botulinum toxin injections

Chemical peels promote skin regeneration, correcting fine lines, photo-ageing and pigmentation issues. Cosmeceuticals and peels take time for the effect to become apparent. They are generally not quick fixes. However, with patience and perseverance they will alter the quality and appearance of your skin.

We use only the best quality products and will advise you through every step of the procedure – our aim is always natural subtle effects. Your skin is our priority.


There are multiple factors which contribute to ageing of the face: some are unavoidable, such as your genetic predisposition; others factors, such as chronic smoking, sun damage, alcohol abuse, large weight gains or losses, emotional stress and chronic lack of sleep are  avoidable. 

Botulinum toxin can be successful in relaxing fine lines and wrinkles, particularly in treating fine forehead, glabellar (frown), bunny (nasal), crows feet (eyes) and mouth lines.

Botulinum toxin injections can be slightly painful and lead to mild bruising. We will advise you on how to minimise the risks, but it is worth bearing this in mind when planning the right time to have your treatment.

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